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Hydraulic Chucks
Manual Chucks
Special Chucks
NC Rotary Tables

Hard Jaws
Soft Jaws
Steady Rests
Machine Vices

  Samchully has been supplying premium quality work holding product to its customers for over 30 years. In 1975 Samchully entered a technology sharing agreement with Kitagawa manufacturing chucks for the Korean market. Today Samchully offer more products in the market than ever before. The Samchully product range includes rotary tables, special chucks, power chucks, manual chucks, rotary cylinders, steady rests, hard jaws, soft jaws and milling vices.

  Samchully prides itself in supplying some of the worlds leading machine tool builders including Doosan (Daewoo), Hyundai- Kia (WIA), Hankook, Haas and others.

  Samchully is committed to its customers by providing the best value product combining premium quality and reasonable pricing.

Application Chuck
Application Chuck
Hydraulic Chuck
Power Chuck
Manual Chuck
Manual Chuck
Rotary Cylcinder
Rotary Cylinder
Steady Rest
Steady Rest
NC Rotary Table
NC Rotary Table
Machine Vise
Chuck Accessories

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